Project 52 : Self- Portrait with my best friends

Hi everybody, this is me and my bud Piggy.
We been know to each other for 8 years!
He is my very best friend, we studied together (during my college year)
exploring new places, had many different cuisine and many more!
This is my very first time using DSLR for Selfie and it’s not as ease as i though! 
Lulu and I met 5 years ago,
she is an adorable and friendly pug!
Aww~ sweet Lulu
Up next, we have Suzi Pix Photography, Cincinnati, Ohio

Project 52 : Doors

I guess most pets love doors! 
Doors bring them surprises and happiness.
They will wait behind the door just to welcome their owner to come home
or ready to get a leash and go out to have fun!
It’s challenging for me to capture my front door with Piggy
because he is ready to run out from home.
So I choose the deck door (which he’s not as interested) 
It was very windy, so Piggy is starring at the dancing tree.

Lucky the Guinea Pig, 
he’s ready for the floor time!
Up next, we have InBetween the Blinks photography by North Carolina dog photographer 

3 – 3 – 2006

~~~Happy birthday~~~
Piggy turns 8 today!
Mommy ordered a special birthday cake this year
(There’re several choice of flavor for the cake and you can also customize the colors too!)
I choose Green because my first thought is dogs can see this color better.
(Later I found out, green and red, OH! that’s Petlense Logo’s colors)
Peanut Butter & Bacon birthday cake!
Piggy doing trick before get the treat!
Yeah.. you can tell Piggy is a spoiled kid!
Piggy could not resist the homemade peanut butter bones from Happy Tails Pet Bakery
Thank you Charity for the lovely birthday cake and bones!