Meet Tippy

This is Tippy, a blue heeler mix who is always curious and loves to explore around.
Her mommy found her on the street, so she decided to take her in.
 They have been living together for a few years. 
She is her mommy’s love bug!
Towards the end of the photo session, Tippy was attacked by passing-by Pit Bull.
She was sent to emergency clinic and made it through the surgery!
She has to stay at the vet a few more days for a more thorough checkup.
Though, she should make a complete recovery soon enough!

Project 52 : Action

For me, capturing the ‘busy bee’ kind of pets are fun and challenging.
All three of my lazy dogs would rather laid back and not willing to do anything
especially in winter time.
(unless there’re snow and they would love to chase each other!)
So I pick one of photos which was taken during last summer 
with Lulu running happily and crazily on the hill! 
Up next, we have Connecticut Shoreline Photographer,  Kathryn Schauer

3 – 3 – 2006

~~~Happy birthday~~~
Piggy turns 8 today!
Mommy ordered a special birthday cake this year
(There’re several choice of flavor for the cake and you can also customize the colors too!)
I choose Green because my first thought is dogs can see this color better.
(Later I found out, green and red, OH! that’s Petlense Logo’s colors)
Peanut Butter & Bacon birthday cake!
Piggy doing trick before get the treat!
Yeah.. you can tell Piggy is a spoiled kid!
Piggy could not resist the homemade peanut butter bones from Happy Tails Pet Bakery
Thank you Charity for the lovely birthday cake and bones!