I love pets, maybe that’s because I came from a family that has many dogs. I grew up, laughed, cried and played with them since I was little. They are just like angels who brought lots of happiness to me and brighten up my life. Unfortunately, when my angels went back to heaven where they came from, it makes me realize that they won’t stay with us forever. Their life was just too short to be treasured. That’s the reason why I choose to be a pet photographer: to help pets’ lovers to capture the precious moments of their cats and dogs.

My dad was an amateur photographer who inspired me to be a photographer. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Graphic Design from Wichita State University in 2009. I worked on design projects for individuals and organizations for years, joined Kansas Humane Society as volunteer at 2010 for a year, and adopted my third dog, Lulu the pug, at that time. I decided to start “Petlense” as professional pet photography business in 2012 in order to provide high quality but affordable services to the local pet lovers.

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