Meet Lucky

This is Lucky, 
a 1 year old Guinea Pig.
He was adopted from Kansas Humane Society.
His tri-color coat is making me crave for 
Peanut Butter Hot Fudge with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Lucky loves to explore around during his floor time. 
When he first met with dogs,
he was afraid but very quickly he starts to sniff around them.

Luckily, Lulu is friendly to small pets.
And here we have a Happy Easter greeting from a Pug and a Guinea Pig! 

Project 52 : Action

For me, capturing the ‘busy bee’ kind of pets are fun and challenging.
All three of my lazy dogs would rather laid back and not willing to do anything
especially in winter time.
(unless there’re snow and they would love to chase each other!)
So I pick one of photos which was taken during last summer 
with Lulu running happily and crazily on the hill! 
Up next, we have Connecticut Shoreline Photographer,  Kathryn Schauer

Project 52 : Tails

Happy Valentine everybody!

This week’s theme is TAILS

Personally, I like Pug’s tail, curly and tiny.

But Lulu’s tail wasn’t curly and only curve to right all the time.

Piggy has only half of the Pug’s blood line, so his tail is also a little bit curly but to the left!

Champ’s tail is long and fluffy and always swept away the drinks on the coffee table whenever he walk by!


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Project 52 : A Day in the Life

Happy Friday everybody!

This week’s theme for Project 52 is “What do my pets do all day?”

Basically, they are having almost the same routine everyday.

Having lunch and dinner together, but sometimes one of them will be naughty..

Yeap! That is Lulu (Pug) trying to ATTACK poor Piggy (Puggle)

A Day

They love to take sun bath on balcony, and barking on neighbor’s dogs or squirrels.

A day in the life-3 copy

Each of them have their own spot for nap time.

Sofa will always be Piggy’s top option!

A day in the life-2 copy

During winter time, they love to cuddle!

A day in the life-6 copy

— The End —

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Project 52 : Introductions

Happy New Year to all my Project 52 team members!

A new year means a brand new week for the Project 52!


My name is Lina ( pronounce as LEE-NA). Yep! A lot of people are confused as to how to pronounce my name :{

During my college year in 2006, I decided to raise a puppy after a long term decision.

I’m not familiar with local breeder, so I surfed online and finally met my little boy!

Piggy, a Puggle (cross breed between Pug & Beagle).

He’s only 6 weeks old when I first met him.


Piggy @ his 7 years old birthday party!


On 2009, I met Lulu when I volunteered at Kansas Humane Society.

A 3 years old Pug who is skinny but a tough girl!

Why I decided to adopted her? Well.. I don’t know.. All I can tell you is it’s love at first sight 😀


Piggy and Lulu get along well. He is very caring and protective of Lulu.


Champion aka Champ, 8 years old Golden Retriever.

We adopted him from a friend who is moving to other state.

He is very active and is always ready to make new friends!


 Whenever me and my fiance walk these kiddos, people will say :”Woo-Hoo, you guys have all the sizes!  Do-Re-Mi “

For more introduction by Project 52’s team member,

next we have Mary Siani Photography by Mary Siani

Project 52 : Framed

Hi everybody, TGIF!

This week’s topic is “Framed”, using compositional elements to frame our subjects.

And I used the dining chair as the frame, which created an interesting layout.

Does it look like Lulu is behind the jail bar ? 😀


Lulu looks so calm and sits still on the chair

(because she just had her dinner)



Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a nice weekend!

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Project 52 : Kitchen

This is my second time to pick a theme for Project 52.

Besides bedroom, kitchen is always my dogs’ favorite space.

They will always be on time when breakfast and dinner are ready.


Lulu (Pug) & Piggy (Puggle) are getting ready for their food while Grandma readies their foods.


Spoiled Piggy can’t wait to have his dinner.


Piggy :  Yay! Finally have my delicious dinner.

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Meet Gus

Yeehaw! Look at the big smile from Gus!

Gus, black pug, will be turning 12 years old in December.


Gus will do anything for treats!


Gus’s grandmother made him several costumes, which looks awesome on him.

Here we have Pumpkin Gus!


Gus: Am I cute?


Gus: Do I look colorful with my hair?


Gus: Ready for a flight with my Kitty Hawk?

Gus wishes everybody a happy halloween!

Thank you, Sara, for the amazing evening with Gus.

Project 52 : Fall

Time goes by fast!

When I first started Project 52 it was beginning of summer , and now it’s fall !

Fall is coming late in Wichita.

We have a lot of green leaves instead of red and gold leaves.


Lulu enjoys her evening walk.



Up next, we have Windsor Ontario Dog Photographer ,by Candid K Nines.

Have  a nice weekend!

Project 52 : Style

This week’s theme is style. Fun, fashion, or photog-style – you decide for this week’s challenge!  Here are some ideas.

A) What photography style are you. 

A while back Jamie wrote this great article on defining your “photodogstyle” –

I reference it every now and than have noticed big changes in the way I was photographing when I first started, to the way I photograph now. 

B) Your dog’s sense of style or fashion! 

C) Any other style you can think of! Have fun! 

I pick the A ! Most of my photos are consider as DOCUMENTARY style.


I work with my own dogs for most of my photograph.

They has no awarenness to me, and just “do their own thing”

which also create the DOCUMENTARY style for my photos.


Meanwhile, I also love the ABSTRACT style.


There’s have a lot of different styles of the photography,

hopefully I will create my very owned style pet photography in the future!

To view more photography style from member of Project 52,

just click on Emma Grace Photography