Project 52 : Doors

I guess most pets love doors! 
Doors bring them surprises and happiness.
They will wait behind the door just to welcome their owner to come home
or ready to get a leash and go out to have fun!
It’s challenging for me to capture my front door with Piggy
because he is ready to run out from home.
So I choose the deck door (which he’s not as interested) 
It was very windy, so Piggy is starring at the dancing tree.

Lucky the Guinea Pig, 
he’s ready for the floor time!
Up next, we have InBetween the Blinks photography by North Carolina dog photographer 

Meet Lucky

This is Lucky, 
a 1 year old Guinea Pig.
He was adopted from Kansas Humane Society.
His tri-color coat is making me crave for 
Peanut Butter Hot Fudge with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Lucky loves to explore around during his floor time. 
When he first met with dogs,
he was afraid but very quickly he starts to sniff around them.

Luckily, Lulu is friendly to small pets.
And here we have a Happy Easter greeting from a Pug and a Guinea Pig!