Project 52 : A Day in the Life

Happy Friday everybody!

This week’s theme for Project 52 is “What do my pets do all day?”

Basically, they are having almost the same routine everyday.

Having lunch and dinner together, but sometimes one of them will be naughty..

Yeap! That is Lulu (Pug) trying to ATTACK poor Piggy (Puggle)

A Day

They love to take sun bath on balcony, and barking on neighbor’s dogs or squirrels.

A day in the life-3 copy

Each of them have their own spot for nap time.

Sofa will always be Piggy’s top option!

A day in the life-2 copy

During winter time, they love to cuddle!

A day in the life-6 copy

— The End —

Next we haveĀ Silver & Pixel Photography