Project 52 : Self- Portrait with my best friends

Hi everybody, this is me and my bud Piggy.
We been know to each other for 8 years!
He is my very best friend, we studied together (during my college year)
exploring new places, had many different cuisine and many more!
This is my very first time using DSLR for Selfie and it’s not as ease as i though! 
Lulu and I met 5 years ago,
she is an adorable and friendly pug!
Aww~ sweet Lulu
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Project 52 : Angles

As a pet photographer,
it would be great to take pictures for the pets from several angles, 
and clients will be surprise to see their flurry buddy in different views.
This week my model is Champion a.k.a Champ, a Golden Retriever.
Angle from above which makes him look like he is taking a “Selfie” 

Angle from below captures more details for picture.
Most people love eye to eye angles

Another from below angle, which is suitable for large dogs to make them look even larger!
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Project 52 : Doors

I guess most pets love doors! 
Doors bring them surprises and happiness.
They will wait behind the door just to welcome their owner to come home
or ready to get a leash and go out to have fun!
It’s challenging for me to capture my front door with Piggy
because he is ready to run out from home.
So I choose the deck door (which he’s not as interested) 
It was very windy, so Piggy is starring at the dancing tree.

Lucky the Guinea Pig, 
he’s ready for the floor time!
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Meet Tippy

This is Tippy, a blue heeler mix who is always curious and loves to explore around.
Her mommy found her on the street, so she decided to take her in.
 They have been living together for a few years. 
She is her mommy’s love bug!
Towards the end of the photo session, Tippy was attacked by passing-by Pit Bull.
She was sent to emergency clinic and made it through the surgery!
She has to stay at the vet a few more days for a more thorough checkup.
Though, she should make a complete recovery soon enough!

Project 52 : Action

For me, capturing the ‘busy bee’ kind of pets are fun and challenging.
All three of my lazy dogs would rather laid back and not willing to do anything
especially in winter time.
(unless there’re snow and they would love to chase each other!)
So I pick one of photos which was taken during last summer 
with Lulu running happily and crazily on the hill! 
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Project 52 : Yellow

This week’s theme is Yellow.

If any of you are into basketball,

You might notice that Wichita State University has rise to No.3 in the country!

I’m proud of WSU’s basketball team as I am a graduate from there.

This is Piggy showing his Shocker Pride!

(Although this week’s theme is yellow, WSU’s colors are actually black & gold)


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Project 52 : Tails

Happy Valentine everybody!

This week’s theme is TAILS

Personally, I like Pug’s tail, curly and tiny.

But Lulu’s tail wasn’t curly and only curve to right all the time.

Piggy has only half of the Pug’s blood line, so his tail is also a little bit curly but to the left!

Champ’s tail is long and fluffy and always swept away the drinks on the coffee table whenever he walk by!


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Project 52 : A Day in the Life

Happy Friday everybody!

This week’s theme for Project 52 is “What do my pets do all day?”

Basically, they are having almost the same routine everyday.

Having lunch and dinner together, but sometimes one of them will be naughty..

Yeap! That is Lulu (Pug) trying to ATTACK poor Piggy (Puggle)

A Day

They love to take sun bath on balcony, and barking on neighbor’s dogs or squirrels.

A day in the life-3 copy

Each of them have their own spot for nap time.

Sofa will always be Piggy’s top option!

A day in the life-2 copy

During winter time, they love to cuddle!

A day in the life-6 copy

— The End —

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Project 52 : Shadows

In photography, we try to avoid unwanted or unnecessary shadows in the pictures.

In fact, adding shadows could be fun and creative too!

Here we have Piggy getting ready to get the treat from Shadow’s hand!


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Project 52 : Joy

What are some ways that dogs enJoy their fun?

Hmm..there’s lots of ways!

Maybe having their favorite meals or treats,  the moment their daddy/mommy reach home,

or playing toys.

Champion gets very excited whenever I bring him to the field next to the fishing lake.

Once he is off leash, he will never get tired of running, running and running!

run for joy

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