Project 52 : Angles

As a pet photographer,
it would be great to take pictures for the pets from several angles, 
and clients will be surprise to see their flurry buddy in different views.
This week my model is Champion a.k.a Champ, a Golden Retriever.
Angle from above which makes him look like he is taking a “Selfie” 

Angle from below captures more details for picture.
Most people love eye to eye angles

Another from below angle, which is suitable for large dogs to make them look even larger!
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Project 52 : Tails

Happy Valentine everybody!

This week’s theme is TAILS

Personally, I like Pug’s tail, curly and tiny.

But Lulu’s tail wasn’t curly and only curve to right all the time.

Piggy has only half of the Pug’s blood line, so his tail is also a little bit curly but to the left!

Champ’s tail is long and fluffy and always swept away the drinks on the coffee table whenever he walk by!


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Project 52 : Joy

What are some ways that dogs enJoy their fun?

Hmm..there’s lots of ways!

Maybe having their favorite meals or treats,  the moment their daddy/mommy reach home,

or playing toys.

Champion gets very excited whenever I bring him to the field next to the fishing lake.

Once he is off leash, he will never get tired of running, running and running!

run for joy

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Project 52 : Introductions

Happy New Year to all my Project 52 team members!

A new year means a brand new week for the Project 52!


My name is Lina ( pronounce as LEE-NA). Yep! A lot of people are confused as to how to pronounce my name :{

During my college year in 2006, I decided to raise a puppy after a long term decision.

I’m not familiar with local breeder, so I surfed online and finally met my little boy!

Piggy, a Puggle (cross breed between Pug & Beagle).

He’s only 6 weeks old when I first met him.


Piggy @ his 7 years old birthday party!


On 2009, I met Lulu when I volunteered at Kansas Humane Society.

A 3 years old Pug who is skinny but a tough girl!

Why I decided to adopted her? Well.. I don’t know.. All I can tell you is it’s love at first sight 😀


Piggy and Lulu get along well. He is very caring and protective of Lulu.


Champion aka Champ, 8 years old Golden Retriever.

We adopted him from a friend who is moving to other state.

He is very active and is always ready to make new friends!


 Whenever me and my fiance walk these kiddos, people will say :”Woo-Hoo, you guys have all the sizes!  Do-Re-Mi “

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Project 52 : Sun/lens flare

TGIF everybody!

This week’s project is  incorporating sun flare into shots and experimenting with subtle to overdone.


Champ is enjoying his morning sun bath on the field.

Sadly I didn’t catch any strong sun flare with it.

-0141-2 -0145-2

This is Zero with the lovely sunset.

To enhance the sun and lens flare in the pictures,

I made it black & white along with orange shadow filter.

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Project 52 : The Rule of Thirds

 Rules of thirds is one of the essential skills that is useful for composition techniques in photography.

A successful off-center composition can create the direction and eye-catching pictures.


Main subject of the picture above is Champ’s eye.


The shadow can also create the nice composition for rule of thirds!

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Project 52 : Body Parts

This week is my turn pick a theme for Project 52: Body Parts.

I love to take close up photos for various body parts for my beasties,

which can also create abstract view of the photos.

IMG_0015The space in-between Champ’s hand created the love shape.


IMG_0008-2Champ with his cracking tongue :p

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Project 52 : Big Sky

I am so lucky that Wichita is finally having a good weather!

Sunny day with lots of clouds, which makes it not too hot,

and lovely sky also fits into this week’s theme for Project 52, BIG SKY.


Champ, the Golden Retriever, loves to spend most of his hours at the patio!IMG_0092


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Project 52 : Reflection

Thank you Mary for this week topic, Reflection. (it was really fun! )

Piggy is sitting in front of the mirror right next to the sink in the bathroom.

The reflection from the mirror makes Piggy look like he has a twin 😀


Piggy : Is that my twin ?


what a goofy look

This is Champ standing right in front of a door.

Love the shadow reflect on wood floor !IMG_0003-2

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