Project 52 : Joy

What are some ways that dogs enJoy their fun?

Hmm..there’s lots of ways!

Maybe having their favorite meals or treats,  the moment their daddy/mommy reach home,

or playing toys.

Champion gets very excited whenever I bring him to the field next to the fishing lake.

Once he is off leash, he will never get tired of running, running and running!

run for joy

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Meet Tigger

Meet Tigger!

He is only seven months old. He is a crossbreed between Pomeranian and Poodle.

Tigger is a very energetic and playful little boy.

Even though it is cold outside, it won’t stop him from running around!



Love his innocent eyes!


Yeah, Tigger will stand with two legs when he want something from his mom!


Roar..!! Tigger in Tigger costume!

Project 52 : Introductions

Happy New Year to all my Project 52 team members!

A new year means a brand new week for the Project 52!


My name is Lina ( pronounce as LEE-NA). Yep! A lot of people are confused as to how to pronounce my name :{

During my college year in 2006, I decided to raise a puppy after a long term decision.

I’m not familiar with local breeder, so I surfed online and finally met my little boy!

Piggy, a Puggle (cross breed between Pug & Beagle).

He’s only 6 weeks old when I first met him.


Piggy @ his 7 years old birthday party!


On 2009, I met Lulu when I volunteered at Kansas Humane Society.

A 3 years old Pug who is skinny but a tough girl!

Why I decided to adopted her? Well.. I don’t know.. All I can tell you is it’s love at first sight 😀


Piggy and Lulu get along well. He is very caring and protective of Lulu.


Champion aka Champ, 8 years old Golden Retriever.

We adopted him from a friend who is moving to other state.

He is very active and is always ready to make new friends!


 Whenever me and my fiance walk these kiddos, people will say :”Woo-Hoo, you guys have all the sizes!  Do-Re-Mi “

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Meet Lulu

Let’s meet Lulu, a 10 years old Newfoundland.

Lulu has to go for her mission with her green mobile, isn’t that cool ?

She is a therapy dog in a nursing home who brings lots of fun!

Lulu the Newfoundland

Everybody adore her.

She has a huge container for ribbon & ties!

Look! Lulu is enjoying her mommy dressing her up

Yellow tie Lulu

Yay! Lovely citrus ribbon~


Lulu likes to cross her hand when lying down

(for some reason, she didn’t do it this time, so I did it for her to get this shot! :D)

Posing Lulu

Lulu’s mommy brought a stack of colorful blanket, which helped

Lulu looks more colorful !


Meet Thor & Stella

WOOF.. WOOF….May I have your attention please!?!?

My name is  Thor. Thanks for checking out my photo gallery with my sister, Stella.

By the way, NO… I’m NOT the superhero, THOR, from the mighty avenger!

I’m a 13 years old Dachshund and I was told that I have stronger characteristic than my sister, Stella


Everyone, please welcome my sister, Stella.

She is a 13 years old  Rat Terrier.

Stella is very outgoing and friendly & she enjoys meeting new friends.


My sister and I LOVE treats !! We would wait patiently for them!!


Check out my blue eye with this close-up shot.


My sister, Stella is so ready for Christmas. Here’s Stella posing together with the Reindeer.

FB stella

Thor & Stella

Thor & Stella: Daddy & Mommy, We love you so much! We enjoy the photo shoot session! We feel LOVED!

*** Dear James & Tawny,

Thank You so, so much for the opportunity to photograph your lovely dogs! I enjoy meeting with all of you! ***

Project 52 : Framed

Hi everybody, TGIF!

This week’s topic is “Framed”, using compositional elements to frame our subjects.

And I used the dining chair as the frame, which created an interesting layout.

Does it look like Lulu is behind the jail bar ? 😀


Lulu looks so calm and sits still on the chair

(because she just had her dinner)



Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a nice weekend!

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Project 52 : Kitchen

This is my second time to pick a theme for Project 52.

Besides bedroom, kitchen is always my dogs’ favorite space.

They will always be on time when breakfast and dinner are ready.


Lulu (Pug) & Piggy (Puggle) are getting ready for their food while Grandma readies their foods.


Spoiled Piggy can’t wait to have his dinner.


Piggy :  Yay! Finally have my delicious dinner.

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Meet Gus

Yeehaw! Look at the big smile from Gus!

Gus, black pug, will be turning 12 years old in December.


Gus will do anything for treats!


Gus’s grandmother made him several costumes, which looks awesome on him.

Here we have Pumpkin Gus!


Gus: Am I cute?


Gus: Do I look colorful with my hair?


Gus: Ready for a flight with my Kitty Hawk?

Gus wishes everybody a happy halloween!

Thank you, Sara, for the amazing evening with Gus.

Meet Phoebe

It has been a cold and breezy week. Finally, the sun is out today!

 Phoebe , a 9 years old Havanese, is enjoying the sunshine


she is all geared up with her pretty yellow butterfly ribbons on for her photo-shooting session with daddy and mommy.


Phoebe was a shy little girl when we first met!


She becomes more outgoing & excited when she is bribed with string cheese !!


Phoebe : Yum…. It is yummylicious!!! Can I have more please ?! (=


Phoebe enjoys exploring the park  during the photo-shooting session.



Dear Donald & Veronica: Thank you very much for a lovely evening with Phoebe!