Project 52 : Fall

Time goes by fast!

When I first started Project 52 it was beginning of summer , and now it’s fall !

Fall is coming late in Wichita.

We have a lot of green leaves instead of red and gold leaves.


Lulu enjoys her evening walk.



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Have  a nice weekend!


Active Trio

What a lovely weather on a Tuesday afternoon.

Here I met Newton, Eli and Chet.

These buddies are very energized and cheerful.

Happy Trio

Newton is a 4 years old mutt.


Eli is an 8 years old Beagle.


Chet is a 13 years old Lab with big smile!


Project 52 : Sun/lens flare

TGIF everybody!

This week’s project is  incorporating sun flare into shots and experimenting with subtle to overdone.


Champ is enjoying his morning sun bath on the field.

Sadly I didn’t catch any strong sun flare with it.

-0141-2 -0145-2

This is Zero with the lovely sunset.

To enhance the sun and lens flare in the pictures,

I made it black & white along with orange shadow filter.

Thank you for stop by, here we have Silver & Pixel Photography

Project 52 : Recreate or Imitate

TGIF everybody!

This week’s theme for Project 52 is Recreate or Imitate your favorite art pieces of your favorite artist.

First artist that comes in my mind is Milton Glaser, an American Graphic Designer.

His simple and sharp logo design inspires me the most.

One of his best well-known logo is I (heart) NY

I love puggle

Instead of the heart shape,

I played with Piggy’s image (with almost the shape of heart, REALLY ??) and fill with red

to make it look like I LOVE PUGGLE !

Hope you like it 😀

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Meet Zero


Hi everyone! My name is Zero

I am crossbreed between Husky, Labrador and Blue Heeler


I am fun, friendly and curious

Zero : Hmm.. are those treats on Daddy and Mommy’s hand?


-0099 -0145-2

Of course, I am athletic!

-0088 -0091

Oops.. Please don’t laugh at me (=”.”=)

Zero & family

I am definitely a lucky one to be adopted by Daddy and Mommy

Wish all my buddies find their forever lovely home!

==  Special thanks to Janice & Brian for their time to let me photo shoot ==

Project 52: Word

This week’s theme for Project 52 is Word.

We are suggested to add word, slogan or phrase into our pet images.

So I choose my business slogan : Ready to PAWse ?  

                                                                                                                                        Petlense Photography

Petlense’s mascot PIGGY with the slogan!




This is Zero, a crossbreed between Siberian Husky and Labrador.

He is a very active boy and love to check very things out!

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Up next we have  Sue Collura Studio

Project 52 : The Rule of Thirds

 Rules of thirds is one of the essential skills that is useful for composition techniques in photography.

A successful off-center composition can create the direction and eye-catching pictures.


Main subject of the picture above is Champ’s eye.


The shadow can also create the nice composition for rule of thirds!

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Project 52 : Style

This week’s theme is style. Fun, fashion, or photog-style – you decide for this week’s challenge!  Here are some ideas.

A) What photography style are you. 

A while back Jamie wrote this great article on defining your “photodogstyle” –

I reference it every now and than have noticed big changes in the way I was photographing when I first started, to the way I photograph now. 

B) Your dog’s sense of style or fashion! 

C) Any other style you can think of! Have fun! 

I pick the A ! Most of my photos are consider as DOCUMENTARY style.


I work with my own dogs for most of my photograph.

They has no awarenness to me, and just “do their own thing”

which also create the DOCUMENTARY style for my photos.


Meanwhile, I also love the ABSTRACT style.


There’s have a lot of different styles of the photography,

hopefully I will create my very owned style pet photography in the future!

To view more photography style from member of Project 52,

just click on Emma Grace Photography

Project 52 : Low Angle

Happy Friday everyone!

This week theme is Low Angle, capture ideally from below eye level of dogs.

Piggy and Lulu is pretty short and it is not easy to capture from low angle.

To get a better low angle, I let them sit on the chair.


Got quick snap while Piggy staring at the sky!


Another one with Lulu!

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