Project 52 : Over Post Processing

This week’s theme for Project 52 is Over Post Processing.

“Many of us strive to make our photos look natural, but for this week,

I’d like to you to do the opposite, and go crazy with the post processing.  A photo that is pretty obviously edited. Think creative, stylistic or artistic.”

  One of my favorite artists is Andy Warhol, as known as The Prince of Pop Art.

During my college year, one of the projects for my oil painting class is “Which Artist Inspired You?”

I picked Andy as my inspiration because I really love his colorful art style!

The painting below is the outcome of the project: Baby Piggy!


For this project, I did the same as I did for the painting; except this time, with Lulu as the subject accompanied with Photoshop’s assistance!


This is inspired by Andy Warhol’s POP ART.

To see more of Project 52, we have Sue Collura Studio

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