Project 52 : Street Art

This week’s theme for Project 52 is Street Art.

We took the photos at Lewis Reflection Square Park, downtown of Wichita, Kansas.


IMG_0316There are 31 bronze sculptures along the streetscape.

Lulu is sitting on the chair and starring at the men playing guitar.

Found an interesting sculptures, bronze lunch counter.

We put Lulu on the bronze chair and its turn out funny photos.


There’s a pug stop by trying to order some foods…. IMG_0331 Lulu :  Ma’am , I would like to order some …


Lulu : Excuse me… are you listening ??

We are laughing out loud when Lulu was paying so much attention to the sculptures.

Up next, we have Windsor Ontario Pet Photographer, NCS Pet Photography  





14 thoughts on “Project 52 : Street Art

  1. First of all, Lulu is absolutely adorable. Secondly, she is such a riot. The images of her at the lunch counter are the best!

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